3 Tips for Magnetic Brand Messaging: what it is & how to succeed

3 tips to help you craft brand messaging that attracts your dream clients

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3 Tips for Magnetic Brand Messaging

In March 2021, I started offering BFF (Brand Friends Forever) Sessions, or 60-minute 1:1 brand strategy intensives, to help visionaries like you with any and every brand related problem. This was my first time really doing brand strategy on purpose, and I quickly noticed a repeating pattern in my clients' brands as I hopped in and out of Zoom calls...

"How do I say that I do this [insert value proposition here]?"

"I don't know how to communicate my value and 10 years of expertise!"

"I need help conveying my brand to attract my ideal clients!"

Communication, communication, communication. Out of nearly 40 different brands across industries, with a combined total of experience longer than my parents have been alive, and even headed by marketers, the majority of startups and small businesses I worked with were all struggling with MESSAGING!

No, not like texting your friends messaging. Or shooting your shot at a pro athlete via Instagram DM's messaging...

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I'm talking about brand messaging, aka the communication your brand puts out to convey your unique value, attract your ideal consumers, and make people believe a certain thing about you. The purpose of brand messaging is to influence people's perception of your brand or business, so that what you want them to think is the same as what they actually think. This way, you can own a unique position in the market for whatever USP (unique selling point) and brand promise you claim.

For example, Jenny sells shoes. Jenny says that her shoes are the most comfortable wide feet shoes in the U.S. Now, that's a bold statement, and Jenny can make a ton of money if that's actually true, but people won't just believe that automatically. So, Jenny has to make them believe it. How do you make people believe something? By communicating it to them in a multitude of ways. If Jenny repeatedly talks about how her shoes are made, what makes them comfortable for people with wide feet, and how these shoes improve your life, you'll actually come to believe it.*

*As long as the actions match the communication and she's not just lying. LOL. That would be awks.

Okay, so anyways, you get the point. Messaging is the communication that builds certain beliefs, opinions, and feelings in the mind of your audience in order to help a business maintain a special position in the marketplace. And why that special position matters is a whole 'nother discussion for later, but basically, I just mean that you stand out as a unique go-to for a very specific thing when you have strong messaging and positioning. Stand out = attract dream clients with ease.

Magnetic messaging is essential to a brand that “shynes!”

So, how do you make your messaging magnetic? I'll give you 3 pointers, from a bonafide brand building baddie.

3 Tips for Magnetic Messaging

#1: Get clear on what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for

Your messaging aims to articulate all of these things indirectly, and you can’t create solid messaging if you don’t have a clearly defined ICA, your product suite, and so on. At any interaction, these pieces of information should be clear, which is why messaging is the foundation for your brand communication and marketing.

#2: Identify what makes you unique

Think about what you bring to the table that your market competitors don’t. This is something to emphasize in your messaging! Out of all of these tips, this is this one my clients struggle with most. Oftentimes, what makes you you is so natural to you that you overlook it and can't put your finger on it. I recommend getting an outside POV, bonus points if branding is their specialty ;)

#3: Keep it incredibly simple

My clients always say, “I don’t know how to say _____.” My response: say it. You just said it. Good messaging should be simple. It should be easy to understand and feel like a no-brainer for your ideal client, meaning you need to communicate it concisely & with the knowledge you already have inside you! Plus, your messaging should embody your brand voice, and there's no better, more authentic way to capture your voice than to write how you speak.

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These 3 tips are a great starting point for DIYing your messaging, but at the end of the day, you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s always better to enlist the help of a trusted outsider to identify the things you can’t see about yourself & maximize them! For this level of 1:1 support, check out our brand strategy service to get our founder Shyne's brain on your brand!

P.S. thanks for reading! My love language is words of affirmation, so if this helped you, please send me an email or DM on Twitter to let me know!

P.P.S. we're always open to gifts/donations if you'd like to support more of these educational endeavors. Feel free to buy me a coffee :)

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