A Gen Z-led, women-run studio building culture and community for dope brands.

about us

Who We Are

We're an independent studio and brand consultancy based in Southern California. As a mosaic of multipassionate freelancers and entrepreneurs ourselves, we've experienced firsthand how a powerful brand can make or break your big business dream. We help your brand reach its people and  potential, so you can make the impact you were destined to make.

Who we’re for

We’re for rebels, artists, disruptors––people and companies unafraid to make waves and challenge norms both personally and professionally. Untouched by the corporate workforce, we bring a refreshing young perspective to your brand: our human-first approach.

We honor that you’re more than just a business owner.

While we fully understand the financial value of a strong brand, we also understand that business goes deeper than money for you. Same here. When we work in your brand, we advocate for you and your community as humans above all else.

We bring your designs to life.

Our process is collaborative and co-creative, meaning you bring the vision and we execute it. We blend creativity and strategy to produce unique, bold designs that highlight YOUR BRAND, not ours.

We provide innovative, divergent support.

Our human-first approach is evident in how we strategize, coach, and consult––whether we’re giving you answers (brand consulting) or guiding you to find them within yourself (brand coaching), we’ll always put YOU above ourselves and our egos. We don’t ask you to conform to fit our strategies and knowledge. Instead, we encourage you to be who you are, and we work with you to personalize the best path forward.

We help you feel like you again.

At the end of the day, your brand doesn’t matter if you don’t feel gratified by it. Through any modality in which you work with us, we strive to build your brand authentically. We’re masters in asking all the right questions; we excel at maximizing your best qualities through brand communication like design and messaging; and most importantly, we really, genuinely want to see you “shyne.” We’re your biggest cheerleader and challenger in one.

Meet The Team

Shyne Webster

Founder, Chief Brand Officer


Creative Assistant


Junior Designer
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