Endless Summer: 10 Ways to Embody Slow, Intentional Living Year Round

It's not just a one time movement, but a year round state of mind.

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Shyne Webster
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If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of school bells ringing and pumpkin flavored treats hitting the shelves of your local grocer. This can only mean one thing: the end of summer.

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And despite the scorching 100-degree heat waves this year, the end of summer is undeniably bittersweet. Period. Summer is a time full of memories and salty skin and the wind blowing against your hair and your face. It's time to log off early and take Fridays off. It’s an opportunity to experiment in your business, take on different side projects, and get creative. It’s magic. And this summer wasn’t just any summer, it was a #SlowGirlSummer.

For me, this summer felt reminiscent of my childhood – boredom, which forced you to be creative and imaginative, which helped you learn more about yourself. I traveled, I dedicated more time to my friends and family, and I did a lot of reading. For others in the community, the #SlowGirlSummer movement brought new rituals like Saturday movie date nights, deleting work-related apps from your phone, and exploring new hobbies.

While our office hours, wardrobes, and Starbies orders may change as we welcome Fall, some parts of summer live on. Like the iconic 60’s surf film, we at Designed by Shyne believe in an endless #slowgirlsummer.

The Endless Summer

From the very beginning, #slowgirlsummer has been about way more than a season of weather – it’s been a way of life. It’s been a radical shift towards holistic wellness, burnout recovery, slowing down, and unsubscribing from toxic hustle culture. Permanently.

Just because the weather’s cooler doesn’t mean we should get rid of our boundaries or go back to sacrificing our wellbeing for our workplaces. Imagine if your best friend was suffering from a terminal illness, healed to full recovery, and then willingly chose to go suffer from that illness again. It wouldn’t make sense, right? So why would you choose to give up the mindset shifts, daily routines, and ideal healthy habits to go back to repeating cycles of overwhelm, stress, and burnout?

Affirmations to stay slow year round:

  1. What is urgent is seldom important, and what is important is seldom urgent.
  2. I have the rest of my life to work; it’s okay to take time off.
  3. My main job is me. My career is just my side gig.
  4. Slowing down allows me to do more of what matters and make a bigger impact with less time and energy.
  5. I don’t need to be stressed or working 24/7 to make a difference.

Actions to stay slow year round:

  1. Start each morning with a ritual that makes you happy. Read, walk, dance, make coffee – just don’t go on your phone for at least 15 minutes of being awake.
  2. Don’t check your email or notifications until you’re mentally ready to handle whatever might be inside.
  3. Do something for you everyday. This can be working out, reading, cooking, logging off, lighting a candle, etc.
  4. Take one day off to digitally detox. No phones, just vibes. Give this time to yourself, your loved ones, and your hobbies/interests/the cool new farmers market in town.
  5. Keep your promises to yourself. Evaluate your commitments and make sure you’re giving your time to the things you actually care about, not just what people want from you.

We’ve given enough of ourselves to our careers and businesses; it’s time we give back to us. Slow Girl Summer might’ve started this summer, but it’s an endless state of mind. Carry it with you every day.

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