Caphe Coffee

*Received a Gold ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation

A modernized brand identity campaign that bridges traditional Vietnamese coffee customs with mainstream coffee culture.


CAPHE is a playful, organic brand reintroducing Vietnamese coffee to the “Western” world, pushing the boundaries of what it means to honor heritage and history.

The brand now tells a story of modernization without abandoning tradition by pairing the Tetris-esque rounded logo with a computerized typeface and more feminine script for the cans. The colors, vectors, and type choices represent the juxtaposition of past and future that Caphe carries as a brand.


The end result

CAPHE represents a marriage of ancient and ageless, of tradition and invention. Naturally, the visual direction tells the same story. As "Western" coffee culture continues to evolve, this traditional Vietnamese delicacy won’t be left out. We pulled from a vast range of inspiration to curate an identity system to ensure Caphe bridges the gap between cultures, generations, and trends.

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