How highlighting purpose within Woc Space Collective’s brand identity skyrocketed its community retention, engagement, and impact

Creative and strategic guidance to create an integrated brand


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Communicate the purpose and depth of Woc Space’s mission through brand storytelling.

Hannah Martin, the founder of Woc Space, wanted to rebrand from an agency to a community as well as redefine her visual brand. To do this, she needed strong insights and feedback from members to guide the vision for her new branding. I stepped in to help Hannah reimagine Woc Space’s brand identity and advocate for her customer throughout the process.


1. Communicating the mission

2. Building street cred

3. Visualizing how it all fits together

Woc Space boasted an invested, supportive community and deep brand equity but wasn’t able to articulate its “special sauce” in the online spaces it was a part of.

Yes, the community created change… but what needed to be changed to begin with? That’s where I got started.

“Elements in the brand were not cohesive and intentional enough to create brand recognition.” –Hannah

There was no real strategy behind the previous Woc Space branding. Our challenge was to create cohesion to showcase Woc Space’s one-of-one personality and ensure its values of inclusion, honesty, and respect were clear to current and potential members.

“I wouldn’t have been able to grow that strategic understanding of the brand on my own.” –Hannah

Hannah was focused on all the different elements of the business but wanted to reconnect with the community and how they felt about the brand. She wanted a branding partner who could advocate for Woc Space’s users and envision how all these elements could be woven together to create the big picture.


Weave a powerful mix of vision and purpose into every element of Woc Space’s online presence.

After 3 months of collaboration and ideation, the final delivery was a Content Strategy Document and visual branding elements that, together, clearly communicated Woc Space’s purpose to the community.

User Profiles -> Clarifying Value -> Content Creation -> Content Strategy -> User Engagement

“It was cool how excited everybody was with the rebrand - it was like the missing piece to solidify the vision for everyone to see.”
–Hannah Martin

Hannah now feels confident delegating with the knowledge that everything the team puts out is cohesive and strengthens brand identity. Woc Space now has the branding to match its impact.


Phase 1: Create a Roadmap

I joined Woc Space as Creative Director on a monthly retainer to spearhead creative initiatives. During weekly 1:1 meetings with Hannah, we fleshed out how she wanted to embody the brand’s new vision.

Phase 2: Research and Ideation

This is when I dove into research about building inclusive and impactful community spaces. To gather insights from members, a Brand Equity Survey was also sent out. Then, in collaboration with Hannah, I developed a creative strategy for the team and created weekly content for the community.

Phase 3: Relay the Message

Once the data was collected, I listened to what community members said they got out of Woc Space. My job was to advocate for a fulfilling brand experience for them in a way that felt true to Hannah’s vision.

“Shyne is the advocate for the consumer, always coming back to how people will see and experience everything within the brand and keeping the team mindful of how our business decisions affect people.” –Hannah Martin

Phase 4: Guiding Principles

Once I heard directly from the members, I used their insights to create a Content Strategy Guide and visuals that embodied Hannah’s vision for Woc Space as a safe place for women and femme of color to step into their power as entrepreneurs.

Phase 5: Weave It All Together

After the rebrand, Woc Space enjoyed clear, purposeful branding elements and messaging that resonated with its community and core mission.

“I feel more creative because I am not so concerned with ALL OF the things I no longer have to do so I have freedom to find my own creativity in the business… I get to be imaginative about what comes next in the business.” –Hannah Martin


A growing community base and higher retention, engagement rates.

Followers: 400 new followers on Instagram after 3 months
Retention: Higher community retention and fewer membership drop-offs
Engagement: More enriching experiences and community engagement


“Shyne is the definition of a creative innovator. She helped us to clearly communicate our brand through content and campaigns, supporting us through our biggest project with the most stakeholders we had undertaken yet. Shyne has a knack for consumer-centric design, and she always advocates for the success of the brand.” –Hannah Martin

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