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Brand strategy that goes beyond words on a page to help you cultivate culture & community around your unique vision.

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The Wavemaker

Brand Strategy & Storytelling

The Wavemaker is perfect for the organization looking for a bulletproof brand and a clear strategy for differentiation (bonus points if you want to shake some stuff up.) You'll be equipped to clearly and effectively communicate exactly what your brand is, how you’re different, and why it all matters to your ideal clients. Exactly what you need to stand out online and attract your dream community.

It Includes:

  • 3 hrs. of brand discovery & strategy sessions with our founder, Shyne
  • Positioning & competitive audit
  • Messaging framework
1:1 Strategy sessions
Positioning & Messaging
  • Ideal consumer profile
  • Empathy map
  • User journey map
Brand Persona
  • About the brand (core pillars)
  • Brand personality
  • Brand voice & tone
  • Recommended next steps
  • Implementation consult call
  • Brand equity survey template
Ideal Consumer Persona
Support & Recommendations

“I was tired of shooting in the dark with business and [Shyne] provided so much clarity! I love...that I was able to get a strategy tailored to my business & implement it right away.”
– Bianca, Magnifeetcent

What you’ll gain

The foundation for a brand that actually grows your business for you
Clear positioning that helps your brand "shyne" as THE go-to
Outside perspective to turn through your braindumps into brand gems
Confidence in knowing exactly how to communicate your brand to your dream clients in a way that produces conversion & longterm loyalty

Disrupt your industry

Marketing legend Marty Neumeier teaches that if it's not different, it's dead. Together, we'll refine your brand’s DNA for maximum uniqueness and innovation, then translate it into a brand strategy to strengthen your unique positioning and build in your own special form of market disruption.

What clients are saying about The Wavemaker

“If you have any struggles when it comes to your brand voice or positioning, you need to book [with Designed by Shyne.] Shyne is a genius at what she does. I knew that from her free content on IG but when you get to experience it in a 1:1 setting with her, your life and biz will be forever changed.”


“Fun, easy, and expansive. Shyne is intuitive AF about branding and will help you identify your strengths and how to lean into them.”


"My co-founder and I are so specific about our brand messaging we had little hope that someone outside of our org. could produce something we liked. We gave Shyne a shot and we absolutely love what she did for us. Her listening skills are unrivaled and she is an excellent writer and brand strategist."


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